Stop corona fakes with authentic.badge!
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The situation
The world is facing massive challenges!
Counterfeit protective equipment, tests and drugs are dramatically worsening the effects of the Covid-19 crisis. Criminals use people's fear for personal gain and cause enormous economic and health damage.'s technology represents a global commitment to solve this problem and make the world a safer and healthier place.
The solution
The authentic.badge
Using our unique technology, any medical equipment can be labeled with an encrypted code - At the same time, a digital twin of the product is stored in the blockchain in a counterfeit-proof manner. Copying impossible. Arrived at the end customer, he checks the authenticity of the medicine and medical equipment by a scan - uncomplicated via his smartphone. Further information (e.g. expiration date, product recall, etc.) can be stored.
The network behind authentic
Take a look at how the authentic technology works and what possibilities it offers.
Customize your badge
Customize the badge with your logo, mission or claim. Or start immediately with the badge.
Our Africa mission provides everyone with a technology to prevent counterfeiting worldwide. Learn more about our mission in Africa
Forgery-proof products with authentic!
Your key to safe lifes
and your brand reputation
1. Order your individual badge
Use our customizable badges! You can stick them on your products easily. Not removable in one piece.
2. Product safety with invisible cryptoprinting
The check on the batch uses a unique encyription technology. The technique is uncopiable and able to safe all necessary information about your product.
3. Empower your customers
They can use the free to prove 100% authenticity.
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Get your individual badge
01. What happens after I have requested the badges?
You go through an onboard process with us. This is to clarify your product, the intended use and your identity. After successful verification, you will receive the badges or technology under license for self-printing and a key to store the product data in our database.
02. How do I associate the badge with the product?
During the production process a digital entry is made in one or more databases. Depending on the production process it is possible to add production information to the entry. This is only possible for the manufacturer or authorized party through appropriate access controls.
03. How do I ensure that no one else requests badges for my company?
Every customer must first verify himself and his company in a KYC (Know Your Customer) process.
04. Which mobile phones can I use for reading the badge?
We support current, commercially available Android and iOS devices that are not older than 3 years.
05. Can't you just peel the bagde off the product and stick it on fakes?
This is prevented by using proven sealing film. If it is peeled off, the badge and thus the printed image is destroyed.
06. How do I secure the content of medical packaging? You can exchange them.
Badges can be applied not only to outer packaging but also to the smallest packaging unit. In the case of medical packaging, the badge can be applied down to blister level.
07. Why is the technology counterfeit-proof ?
A reproduction changes the printed image. The print image is checked for various features. It is unlikely to hit the features in the reproduction in such a way that the algorithm does not recognize the forgery.
08. What does it cost?
We have different graduated offers depending on the intended use, the quantity and the linked added value. Please contact our sales team.
09. Why is's technology more secure than other identification methods?
Most other identification methods require special equipment for their production and/or evaluation or are proprietary standards and can only be used within a closed system. Therefore, they do not bring any added value to end users.
10. How can I integrate the badge into my supply chain?
There are several ways to apply the badge to items. Using the SDK (Software Development Kit) provided by authentic, the technology for scanning, creating and managing printed identifiers can be integrated into your own production processes and customer applications.
11. What information can be stored in the digital seal?
All information such as certificates, videos, marketing content, further links, etc. can be deposited.
12. What else can I do with the badge, except for counterfeit protection?
An item can be equipped with digital value-added services. Possibilities include depositing credit, reordering or upselling with related products and achieving high customer loyalty.
13. How can I become a partner of
Send an email to and we will be in touch in no time. :)